Negotiation is not an event – it is a process. And therefore, planning the negotiation process is just as important as thinking about the subject matter of the negotiation.

Experienced negotiators know the pitfalls of not planning the process: setting the wrong starting point, framing the key messages poorly, irrational escalation and clinging to an “I win – you lose” mentality.

At Resolving Matters, we deliver a range of negotiation services, including the design and management of contract negotiations, advising on procurement deals, industrial relations negotiations, negotiation coaching and delivery of negotiation training.

To help our clients build negotiation skills, we offer negotiation skill development programs for women and mixed teams. Our one-on-one coaching, pre-conference programs and group training offerings are all based on Sustainable Negotiation™, the approach we developed to move people from avoiding negotiation to engaging with it on a daily basis.

Our experience in negotiation is extensive; examples include:

  • Design and management of negotiations for multi-million dollar contracts across a broad and eclectic range of categories including-
    • Blue collar contingent labour for a multinational FMCG client
    • Pre-packaged fresh meat for a supermarket chain
    • Catering operations for a university campus
    • Professional services for a financial services client
  • Design and management of commercial leasing negotiations for a large education group
  • Negotiation coaching for the sale of a software business
  • Representation of an industry body in enterprise bargaining negotiations in a highly unionised workforce
  • Development and delivery of negotiation training