Welcome to Resolving Matters

At Resolving Matters, we care about consensus.

We know that when the stakes are high — during a negotiation or when dealing with conflict or poor alignment in the workplace — a lack of consensus can cost you time and money and can ultimately damage relationships.

We specialise in the design and management of negotiations, in the mediation of workplace, commercial and organisational disputes and in the facilitation of group decision-making.

Our negotiation consulting and training programs are all based on Sustainable Negotiation™, the innovative approach we developed to cover the content, process and self-management aspects of negotiation.

Not only do these areas of practice require deep business knowledge and skills in communication and problem solving, but they also call for the ability to search for common ground, to tolerate ambiguity as agreements evolve, and to facilitate collaboration in the search for innovative solutions.

Consensus doesn’t just happen. At Resolving Matters, we draw on proven frameworks, extensive skills and experience and a deep belief that resolving conflict really does matter.