About Us

Resolving Matters is a Sydney-based consultancy specialising in building consensus.

We offer services such as the facilitation of complex workshops, design and management of contract negotiations, advising on procurement deals, industrial relations negotiations and delivery of negotiation training. We also conduct mediations in workplace, commercial, organisational and community matters.

Our founder, Fiona McKenzie, is an accomplished management consultant with 20 years’ experience. As the founding director of Resolving Matters, Fiona brings skills and experience in commercial negotiation, facilitation, training and mediation. With a background in management consulting, Fiona is experienced in working at senior executive and board levels.

Fiona is a nationally accredited mediator and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree and a Master of Business Administration degree. Fiona is also an Allen Knott Scholar medal recipient (University Medal) for the Macquarie University MBA program.

In addition to her dispute resolution expertise, Fiona’s capabilities include project management, business transformation, strategy implementation, process design and change management. She has consulted across a range of industries including healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, education and utilities, and has led a diverse range of projects including merger and acquisition integration, shared services design, supply chain re-engineering and implementation of strategic change.

For larger projects, Fiona works with a panel of well qualified and experienced associates who are also passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to achieve consensus.