It is a long-held truism in organisations that most people will resist change, even if it is ‘good’ change. If people don’t agree with a decision or participate in the decision-making process, their focus on implementing the change will be at best half-hearted and at worst an abject failure.

By creating an environment for groups to identify and solve problems and make collaborative decisions, not only will organisations see an increase in the successful execution of their plans and strategies, they may also experience a deepening in loyalty from those individuals now being consulted.

At Resolving Matters, our facilitation services involve the design and delivery of hands-on workshops to unearth consensus-based solutions in compressed timeframes. We guide groups through even the most complex decision-making processes and help them to create innovative ideas, identify and resolve misunderstandings, clarify details and build commitment to the solution.

Facilitation is used in a wide variety of contexts. Our experience includes:

  • Design and delivery of executive planning workshops for a telecoms provider
  • Facilitation of strategy planning for a large education company
  • Facilitation of multi-party steering committee meetings for a lengthy acquisition integration project
  • Design and delivery of multiple workshops to align newly formed teams following an organisational restructure
  • Facilitation of requirements gathering workshops for a new billing system