Which Negotiator are You?

My favourite TV show EVER is the West Wing.

I hope you’ve heard of it. It was an award-winning show set in the West Wing of the White House and was noted for its intelligent scripts and “walk and talk” scenes as the actors moved through lengthy hallways.

After seven award-winning seasons, the West Wing ceased production in 2006. However, it has attracted attention again recently with various cast reunions designed to encourage voter participation in the upcoming US elections.

So, in honour of my favourite TV show, here’s my question for the week … which West Wing negotiator are you:

  • Josh Lyman – an outspoken, cocky, slightly aggressive negotiator, loved by colleagues but not trusted by adversaries?
  • Jed Bartlett – a philosophical and scholarly negotiator who uses charm, smarts and humour to disarm the other party?
  • Sam Seaborn – let’s face it, a negotiator so dang good-looking opponents are constantly distracted and just give in?
  • CJ Cregg – a strong, sassy negotiator with a high level of emotional intelligence who is a master at reading people’s moods and winning them over with quick-witted responses?
  • Toby Ziegler – a brooding and misunderstood negotiator with an acid tongue, a heart of gold and a willingness to go to the wall for his principles?
  • Leo McGarry – a quiet, compassionate yet fiercely loyal and influential negotiator who pushes others to take the limelight?

Who are you most like? I’d love to hear.