A little rant …

Apologies in advance but I’m going to have a little rant … for women only.


Why do all you clever, hard-working, successful women feel the need to apologize for your success? Why do you get nervous asking for things that you deserve? Worse still, why do you get nervous asking for things that you need to do your job properly?

The female surgeon feels elitist when she asks the office staff to do her filing. The female chemical engineer baulks at asking her husband to make a cup of tea for her. The female executive working from home chooses not to use admin support even though the company has offered it.

I see examples like this all the time. The women I coach in negotiation are, without exception, extremely smart and successful, but they hesitate when it comes to asking for things for themselves.

For some, it’s because they are so nurturing it feels uncomfortable to be served by someone else. For others it’s imposter syndrome. For most, it’s fear of being labelled bossy or aggressive.

Look, just stop it.

There are ways you can ask for things without feeling uncomfortable. It is possible to say no without getting a bad reputation. Being assertive does not have to mean being unlikeable.

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