International Women’s Day 2020

This International Women’s Day don’t overlook the opportunity to celebrate the women who inspire you.

However, also be sure to take a minute to ponder these statistics from the WGEA and ABS:

  • Just over 47% of all employed people in Australia are women
  • More than a third of women have attained a Bachelor degree or higher qualification compared with 27% of men
  • Nationally, the full-time average weekly ordinary earnings for women are 13.9% less than for men
  • Only 14% of chair positions and 27% of directorships are held by women
  • Only 17% of CEOs are women

I encourage you, both men and women, to use your influence to help improve these figures.

To do my bit, I am offering 20% off my 13-week coaching program for any woman who signs up before the end of March 2020.

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